Research suggests that organising an event can take up to 200 hours; from the get go to just minutes before and even during the event you find yourself running around and organising things to make it all perfect and before you know it the event is over and you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy it one bit.

Our event planners will help you from the get go to make sure that everything you want and need is fulfilled so you can sit back and relax. The Party and Event Co endeavour to fulfil most aspects of your event however where there is a lack of experience, expertise and knowledge we network with other local businesses to provide everything you want and need for your event.

For those that still love to play a major part in the planning and organising of your event The Party and Event Co can put together packages which allow you to take control and have us step in to help when needed.

  • Package A

    For those that lead a crazy life and need all the help they can get to keep them sane, excited, and motivated.

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  • Package B

    For those who have organised the main elements of their event and need some additional assistance to make sure all the hard work and effort they’ve put in pays off.

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  • Package C

    This package is much like above for those who have done all the hard work and now need everything to fall into place perfectly because after all you can’t be in two places at one time.

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  • Package D

    This package is for those who want to organise elements themselves but don’t know where to start; for those that are feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure what to do this is the perfect package for you.

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